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Gallery 54 - 
Figure 4 Leglock 
(Set Up)

This classic image shows some tough stud about to slap on the Figure 4.  First, he lifted the victim's feet and stepped one foot under his crotch.  Next, he bent the victim's right leg, laying the ankle on the left knee.  Now, he just needs to lay down and hook his right leg over the guy's right ankle.  Apply downward pressure to the straight left leg and enjoy the suffering!

The masked Destroyer applies the Figure 4 Leglock to 2 different opponents.  First we see him crossing the legs of some beefy goateed daddy.  Next we see him on his back, locking his leg down over a hairy, bearded victim's ankle. Even these fierce looking brawlers will be squealing for mercy in this devastating leglock.  Hot mask, hot hold!

Dusty Rhodes was also an expert in destroying the competition with this finishing hold.  Here he is locking it on a lean blond stud in red tights.  The victim flops around like a fish out of water and screams for mercy while Dusty reclines his fat body on one elbow and relaxes to catch his breath.

Here is bad-ass Greg Valentine slowly crossing some jobber's legs.  The helpless victim knows what is about to happen, but he can't do anything to stop it. Seeing Valentine standing confidently over his beaten prey, preparing to destroy this poor kid's knee, is enough to send chills down your spine!

Tito Santana, another master of the Figure 4, is in mid-air. He's locking his right leg down over the victim's ankle, his left foot is clamped tight under the victim's crotch.  This Latin heart-throb looks TOO hot in those skimpy red trunks, especially since his opponent is fully clothed in comparison.

The young lion in light blue tights is tieing up the legs of his older opponent, bending the left leg around his right leg so he can lock the victim's left ankle over the right knee.
The kid sits down into the Figure 4 with a big proud grin on his face.  The agony causes the older heel to flop around and slap the mat, groaning in pain.
The tough old heel refuses to submit to this young punk, so the kid starts whipping his body backwards, slapping both arms on the mat. The young stud is grinding his whole body to increase the pressure and destroy this tough hombre's knee.

That's Terry Taylor showing off in his tight red trunks, locking the Figure 4 on some stud in baby blue.  Taylor twists his sexy body around to face the camera, a scowl on his handsome face as he applies serious pressure to the victim's leg. I never knew pretty boy Taylor to be so ruthless!