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Gallery 52 - 

Cobra Clutch

For my swan song, I present my favorite hold: The Cobra Clutch.  Similar to a sleeper hold and twice as devastating, you press the victim's own arm against his neck to put him under.
Grip the victim's opposite wrist and pull it into one side of his neck. Snake your other hand tightly under his arm and press your forearm against his carotid. This hunk smiles in triumph, watching his muscular opponent slowly go limp in his grasp.

Ted DiBiase called his version the Million Dollar Dream. He loved to violently shake his weakened victim around like a rag doll, with the jobber's head snapping back and forth, and arms flapping like wet noodles.

This dude's body goes limp as a vicious heel sinks in the Cobra Clutch. If he struggles at all, it will only tighten the vice clamped on both sides of his neck. Ring the bell, this kid is done!

What a brutal scene! A masked heel is devastating his opponent. First he drew blood above the guy's eye, and now, with a vicious look in his eyes, he sinks in a cruel Cobra. He has no mercy! This beaten man is helpless in the evil heel's grasp.

This young stud's muscles flex as he cranks on the pressure. He watches intensely as his handsome victim slowly drifts off.  The kid in control probably gets off on the power of his clutch.
Check out their wild facial expressions: Mikey Vee with a devilish grin, his face just inches away from his victim's, who is scowling in agony knowing that he is trapped like a rat and about to be put to sleep against his will. 
From BG East, Mikey Vee vs. Blake West, Fantasymen 11

Mikey now has a young pretty boy in his clutch.  He grins as he feels the cute blond sagging into a deep slumber. This kid is helpless and in big trouble, totally at the mercy of his cocky opponent.
Mikey's tag team partner gets in on the fun. He sets up the other pretty boy for a Cobra Clutch. Now the cute blond jobbers can watch each other slowly passing out in the embrace of their more powerful opponents.
From BG East, Mike Columbo and Mikey Vee vs. The Fabulous Baker Brothers, Tag Team Torture 2

These young hunks are tied in an intimate knot, their arms wrapped tight around the victim's neck, their legs tangled up like coiled ropes.

"Oh yeahhh, say 'good nite' boy! Just relax, you're going off to dreamland!"

That's it, clamp it on tight and just calmly wait for him to pass out in your arms! Slow the blood flow to his brain and it's nap time for the victim!
The white dude is drooping and sagging like a wet blanket. He's ready to drop to the mat in defeat. Then the brother can have his way with the sleeping pretty boy.

This vicious dude knows how to deliver maximum punishment with this hold. He stands in domination over his beaten victim, using gravity and the loser's weight to greatly increase his leverage. Damn that's harsh!

That's young TNT Horrigan relentlessly clutching the kid in the red speedo.  He lays on top the sleeping kid for added leverage.
TNT must really enjoy this hold.  Here he is in pink trunks, putting out another young victim. Judging from the victim;s bulging green briefs, he is enjoying this hold too!!
Yet another rookie falls victim to TNT's awesome Cobra Clutch.  TNT looks so cocky in this pic, don't you just want to slap that arrogant smirk off his face!?
Here's a hot close-up of the cute young victim, totally vulnerable in TNT's clutch. Come on man, give this kid a break! He's out cold, so please let him go!
From BG East, TNT Horrigan vs. Mike West, Bratpack 15
TNT gets creative with this pretzel lock variation of the Cobra Clutch.  It's hard to figure out which arm is grabbing where, but it looks effective, as the victim in shiny silver trunks is limp and going under.

Here is the Z-Man schooling his rookie partner, Marcus Bagwell, on how to apply this hold. Z-Man looks pretty intense, like he's considering putting the kid under to teach him who is boss of the team.
Now the kid shows the veteran what he has learned. This is Bagwell's chance to teach Zenk to show him a little respect.  It's Zenk's turn to wonder if he's about to take a nap. 

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