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Gallery 51 - 

Suspended Surfboard

To lock on a Suspended Surfboard, stand on the backs of his knees, then bend his legs up, hooking the guy's feet over your shins. Roll onto your back pushing up with your feet and pulling his wrists in. He will now be totally at your mercy with no hope of escape.

This brawny wrestler applies the Suspended Surfboard out on the floor next to the ring. The victim is held up in the air, his suffering on display for the fans' enjoyment.  A masked wrestler looks on, while photographers snap pictures of the victim's pain and humiliation.

Also known as the "Mexican Ceiling," this hold has long been used to helplessly trap an opponent while punishing his knees and shoulders. Here's a classic shot of a suspended rookie's legs tightly tangled around the big bully's shins.

Another intense shot from the Golden Age of pro wrestling. The husky mauler shows no remorse, stretching out his young victim and forcing a painful submission.
This cute kid looks worried or surprised to find himelf being hoisted up into the surfboard. His cocky opponent, calmly in charge down on the mat, just laughs at the frightened and helpless boy.

The good guy in white boots is already suffering, as his opponent rocks him back and forth like a rocking horse.
Going up! He is raised into a vulnerable position, his hot white boots tightly braided around his opponent's legs.
What the hell is going on?? Another wrestler is in the ring, clamping a headlock on the guy in blue tights. Why do they need to cheat?  He was already beaten!!
From CyberFights

Oh no, another double-team! The ruthless heel suspends his victim by their entangled legs and pulls down his chin, leaving his belly exposed for some free shots by his tag team partner. Give the kid a break, you cruel bastards!  He is in enough pain already!

This guy didn't lock legs with his victim, instead choosing to streeeetch out the dude's spine with his bare feet. The stud in shiny red trunks is in trouble.

Here's a nice shot of a young pro finishing off the competition with a well executed suspended surfboard. The ref knows the kid in yellow is done, so he checks for the submission.
Look, no hands!  The relentless punishment continues as the guy in control releases his victim's shoulders, holding him up by their tightly grapevined legs alone.

Kid Leopard decides to punish the good guy in white with a nice prolonged surfboard.  I like how he crosses the victim's ankles and locks them on top of his extended leg.
Now he hooks the victim's sexy white boots over his black boots and hoists him into a devastating Suspended Surfboard.  The Kid's moves are always picture perfect!
Later he locks on a reverse  surboard variation. And damn, what a hot hold this is! Ouch! The victim is hanging only by his wrists and the tightness of that leglock, while gravity slowly stretches his back and shoulders.
The Kid bounces up and down and swings him back and forth like a pendulum. The victim screams his submission, but Kid Leopard is having too much fun with his boy-toy and ignores his cries for mercy.
From Can-Am, Kid Leopard vs. Rusty Behr, Punishment 1


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