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Gallery 50 - 


Surf's up for the tanned hunk in the colorful bikini! He rudely plants one white boot on the back of his victim's head and gives those muscular arms and shoulders a good stretch. 

This lean young stud surfboards the other kid from a seated position.  Look at the strain in the helpless victim's shoulders, which are being yanked painfully behind his back.

Brad Rochelle, looking hot in white, suffers double pain and agony in this Scissors Surfboard. Great lats and triceps on the suffering hunk.
From BG East, Brad Rochelle vs. Johnny Modesto, Matmen 16

Another Scissors Surfboard, this time in the pro ring. The cruel heel tortures the fan favorite by cranking his arms painfully upwards.

A hot image of pro domination! He locks those shiny boots against his groin, surfboards the arms, and plants his black leather boot in the handsome young guy's upper back.  Check out that straining calf muscle! The kid cries for mercy.

Hot double-team variation by these masked luchadors. The wrestler in white lays between his own partner's thighs and locks down the victim's legs. His partner yanks back on the arms. The 2-on-1 teamwork causes their masked victim to scream in agony. 

Oil glistens on these shredded rock-hard physiques. The ripped stud in the purple thong shows his tanned victim who the real man is, by smashing him under one knee, humiliating him by pressing his face into the oil.  Total surfboard domination!

The hunk with the wild mane of hair pulls his pretty boy victim up off the mat. The cute victim cries like a bitch.

A lean stud in black briefs wants to watch the pain in his opponent's eyes, so he cranks the dude's head back until they're face to face. Now he can observe all the suffering from only inches away.
From BG East, Bass Wallace vs. Keith Sullivan, Private Bouts 77-80

This ruthless guy is having fun with the pretty boy in white briefs and boots.  He smiles sadistically, while his suffering boy-toy grimaces in agony from the spine snapping torture. 

Built musclegod Steve Sterling shows off his superior power, planting a boot in his conquered victim's lower back. The dude being ridden like a surfboard is no match for superman Sterling.
Wow, look at the raw power and bulging muscles as he pulls up mightily on his victim's arms. Sterling could rip those arms off and beat the guy with them if he felt like it.
From Can-Am, Steve Sterling vs. Johnny Bravo, Steve Sterling Conquers Canada

This cocky dude dropped his singlet straps and is now dominating his cute victim with a kneeling surfboard. He's showing the helpless kid down on the mat what they do to handsome pretty boys in the JPWA.

This sadistic stud locks the victim's legs under his crotch and cranks his arms forward for maximum punishment. The punk caught in the hold is in anguish, but the vicious guy on top doesn't seem to care.
From BG East, Zack Desantis vs. |Kurt Eriksen, Matmen 6

It's tag team mayhem in the pro ring as a long haired blond surfboards their muscular victim. This allows his partner, the Jungle Stud, to clamp on his patented Iron Claw! Come on guys, that isn't fair.  It's 2 against 1! Someone get in there and save this poor guy!!
The devastating double team continues! The screaming victim is held trapped in the surfboard while his forehead is clawed by the savage Jungle Stud.  I can't believe this injustice! Will someone please rescue this hunk from the torture being inflicted by these ruthless cheaters? Where is the ref ??!
From Can-Am, Jungle Stud and Robin King Vs. Dennis Riker and Maverick, Young Musclestud Wrestling #3


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