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Gallery 49 - 

Bow and Arrow

The Bow and Arrow is a great back breaker. Kneel on his lower back, then roll over, stretching him across your shins. Push up with your knees and pull down on his feet and chin to stretch out his spine. Bounce him up and down for a little bonus torture.
From BG East, Cody Collier vs. Kid Vicious, Submissions 3

I like how this suffering stud reaches out with both arms, showing how helpless and beaten he is.  Who doesn't love watching a muscular stud like this get his ass kicked?

This suffering dude tries desperately to untangle his foot from under his other knee while his ruthless opponent pours on the pressure.

I think this victim is being choked. He claws at the hand on his throat to try to get a breath. The dude in white should thrust his knees up and down, the bouncing motion will finish off his victim!

The ref watches intensely as this classic pro wrestler punishes the spine of the guy in stripes. He is trying to snap his bearded opponent in two across his knees.

Held up in the Bow and Arrow for all to see, the victim suffers at the hands of his tuff looking opponent.  His agony is on display for all the fans to enjoy. 

The Undertaker tries to stretch out the powerful back of Ken Shamrock. Ever try to bend a steel girder?
From The Danger Zone

The ref watches the suffering on this victim's face carefully to see if he wants to submit to the agonizing back pain.

Still more back snapping torture in the pro ring. A tough looking bearded wrestler ties up his rookie victim and rolls him into the Bow and Arrow. 
The cute Asian kid is bent viciously around almost into a circle.  Welcome to the U.S.A.,  land of the ruthless badass wrestlers!
From the Jobber site, Taka Michinoku gallery.

Damn, this evil guy jams his feet into the hunky victim's lower back, allowing for much greater leverage and incredible spine-twisting force on the suffering stud's lower back!

Another cruel dude uses his feet to torque his victim's backbone to the breaking point. You can see every rib, muscle, and tendon on the skinny kid's racked body!  His spine is bent like an inverted "V" over the heel's boot!
From BG East, TNT Horrigan vs. Jeff Kenney, Bratpack 11


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