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Gallery 48 - 

Indian Deathlock

"Indian Deathlock" is an odd name for this hot leglock. Hook his left leg behind your calf and lock that ankle under his right knee. Then bend his right leg and lock his foot against your shin. You are in no pain at all, while every move you make causes the victim screaming agony!
From BG East, Bass Wallace vs. Taz Action, Private Bouts 129-132

This hairy heel was last seen trapped in the ropes by the baby face in white. Now the bad boy is in charge again, dominating the pretty boy with a cruel standing Indian Deathlock. 
The mean bully throws himself backward to the mat, his hairy leg cranking intense pressure on the helpless hero's tied up smooth legs.
From BG East, Prettyboy Kurt Kurtis vs. Ron Nichols, Ringwars 6

Another sadistic heel stands over his victim with a vicious Indian Deathlock cinched in tight.  He looks down, enjoying the suffering of his cute beaten prey.
He suddenly drops back, his momentum twisting the kid's legs to the breaking point, teaching him a new definition of pain. We see the torture and agony on the kid's contorted face.
From BG East, Kid Vicious vs. Ron Holloway, Brit Bouts 1

Here's a classic shot of a pro wrestler about to take a fall backwards. His beefy victim lifts his hands to beg for mercy, pleading with him not to snap his legs by dropping to the mat.
From Veidor's Wrestling Site.

Hot image of domination!  While the cruel heel calmly celebrates his superior power with a front double bicep pose, his suffering victim arches up off the mat, trying to relieve some of the terrible pain in his entangled ankles and knees.
From BG East, Kid Leopard vs. Jason Ward, Sexy Duo Plus

With the Indian Deathlock, you use minimum pressure to inflict maximum pain. This cute young pro pushes down on the other kid's knee to keep the pressure just right on his knotted legs. 
Now he raises his victim's body against his thigh, forcing the hairy dude's legs to twist around his straight leg into a painful new position.  LOVE seeing wrestlers' legs tangled and entwined like that!
From BG East, TNT Horrigan vs. Vinnie Giordano, Bratpack 13

Another guy locks on a tight Indian Deathlock then lifts his lean victim off the mat.  Their bodies are coiled and entwined in a complex knot.
From BG East, TNT Horrigan vs. Mark Rosano, Bratpack 12 

The young Native American uses a cruel variation: pressing sideways on the opponent's knee with his free foot. His pretty boy victim is in obvious pain.
From BG East, Justin Starr vs. Andy Flyer, Lads of the Ring
The long-haired lad must really like using the devastating Indian Deathlock. Now wearing his warpaint, he puts away an older pro heel with the same awesome hold.
From BG East, Justin Starr vs. Pete Collins, Lads of the Ring

This wrestler sits up to relieve some of the hellish pressure on his snarled legs. His cruel young opponent will allow none of that as he kicks the older guy square in the chest, to knock him painfully back down to the mat again.
From Veidor's Wrestling Site.


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