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Gallery 47 - 

In The Ropes

Not much of a technical wrestling hold (and highly illegal), locking your opponent's arms in the ropes is a great way to immobilize him so you can attack his defenseless body.
The sadistic young heel in the powder blue bikini grabs a fistfull of his helpless victim's hair and gets in the guy's face.  He talks trash and degrades the beaten stud.

After bodyslamming the hard body in pink, this tuff heel entangles his muscular arms in the ring ropes and yanks his feet under. He's using the ropes to ruthlessly stretch the stud's back like a torture device!

This skinhead pays dearly for crucifying the hot kid in the colorful bikini earlier. The young baby face traps the bully in the ropes and viciously plants a boot in his groin.  Paybacks!

Wow, hot move! He ties his handsome victim in the ropes, lays down, and punishes the defenseless little pretty boy with a tight headscissor.  That's just not fair, the kid is trapped!

Oh no, muscle stud Brad Rochelle is taking a beating again!  First this cruel heel hooks him upside down in the corner and pounds on those rippling abs. Then he locks the stud's arms between the ropes and slams a fist into the unprotected bread basket. The hot hero is in agony as his rock hard abs are pulverized!
From BG East, Brad Rochelle vs. Joe Mazetti, Hunkbash 6

Another bruiser enjoys destroying poor Brad. This sadistic dude traps him in the corner and pounds on that baby face.  Then, after hooking our hero's arms over the top rope, he punishes the lower back.
From BG East, Brad Rochelle vs. Dom Zaccaro, Demolition 3

Great physique on this intense looking hunk!  He yanks back on the arms of the stud with the flowing blond locks, his muscles flexing from the strain.

Wow, the hero is putting the white boots to that unprotected hairy midsection. He gets to practice his karate kicks on his own personal heavy bag.
From BG East, Prettyboy Kurt Kurtis vs. Ron Nichols, Ringwars 6

That's young Terry Taylor with his arms entangled in the ropes, trapped and screaming in fear as the big bad heel approaches. The ref does nothing to help the handsome rookie get free!
The big man gets a running start.  He can't wait to get his hands on the defenseless young rookie.  Come on ref, do something!  Untie the poor kid instead of pressing on the big guy's belly!
From the Pro Rookie Hall of Fame, Terry Taylor Gallery

Oh no, what painful torture is the sadistic heel in the harness planning for his gorgeous plaything? The pretty boy looks so helpless and vulnerable standing there in his white briefs, his wrists tied to the turnbuckle.


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