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Gallery 46 - 

Pile Driver

Mr. Wonderful loved to destroy his opponents by repeatedly spiking them head first on the mat.  Sometimes he'd do it 3 or 4 times in a row while the crowd went wild!

Sadistic heel Terry Funk has his victim's muscular body on display as he sets him up for a devastating pile driver.  He holds the kid upside down, making him wait for the hammer to fall, making him think about the coming agony.
Funk crashes down on the mat with the victim's head clamped tight between his thighs. The kid's body is bent in half, waiting for Funk to release him so he can collapse like a rag doll and be pinned.

Funk again, this time pile driving a dude in baby blue tights out on the hard concrete floor! Why is he doing that to the poor kid? The ref just stands there, doing nothing to help the poor helpless guy about to be destroyed by this ruthless heel!

What a cruel and sadistic move: trap his head between your thighs, raise him upside down, then sit down hard, driving him head first into the mat.  It's more than this powerful stud in red trunks can bear!

Here's some jobber in tight yellow trunks at the mercy of Arn Anderson. Too bad that tuff old bear has no mercy!  We see a camera man zooming in for a close up of the kid's suffering.

The buff hunk in blue might be the more powerful man, but all those bulging muscles  won't do him any good after his head is pounded into the ring floor.

Greg Valentine was always such a ruthless bastard.  You just know he enjoyed viciously piledriving this ripped hunk.

There's hot stud Flyin' Brian in his signature tiger striped briefs. Barry Windham is grabbing those briefs to hold him steady until he's good and ready to brutally drive the high flying pretty boy into the mat.

Hot gear alert! The sexy stud in that skimpy, tight red bikini looks down at the canvas he is about to kiss.
From Can-Am, Jeff Steel vs. Johnny Lightning, Canadian Musclehunk Wrestling #7

The Mexican Luchadors come up with such interesting holds! This masked man is giving his opponent a spine adjustment.  If he sits down hard, this match is over.

This guy knows he has his opponent exactly where he wants him, so he takes his time and claws at the helpless man's chest and groin.


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