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Gallery 45 - 

Body Slam

It's so basic and yet so devastating: scoop him up by the crotch, carry him around a while so he knows he's totally at your mercy, then drop him  back-first onto the floor.  Enjoy watching him squirm around and groan in pain.

This dude tosses his dazed opponent around like a rag doll. He scoops up the stud in the green bikini and crashes him flat on the mat, leaving him limp and beaten in the center of the ring.

This hot he-man shows off his superior strength by cradling the victim in his arms for a while, holding the jobber in pink like a sleeping child while deciding how hard to whip him down onto the mat.

A buff pro hunk sets up his muscular opponent for a massive slam. He hooks one arm through the victim's crotch and grabs onto those tight, shiny trunks.  Who could resist?

The awesome tag team of Collar & Elbow looks tuff in their pro gear as they practice their slams. MatChamp smiles as he demonstrates this devastating maneuver to his partner.  Later Turnbuckl shows the teacher what he has learned.

"Come on, be cool guy! You already hurt my back, please don't slam me too hard!"

"Forget about it, punk! I'm gonna spike you like a football!  I'm gonna break your back, loser!"

From BG East, Cruze vs. Jason Turner, Fantasymen 16

This strong dude spins his victim head over heels and will slam him flat on his spine. I think they call it the Tilt A Whirl Bodyslam.

I like how this victim, hoisted all the way up to his powerful opponent's shoulders, is desperately searching for a soft place to land.

The kid in yellow reaches in extra deep, his bulging bicep pressed tight in the smaller kid's groin.  He grabs a wrist with his other hand. 
With a mighty heave, the dude in yellow sweeps the kid off his feet, gripping the purple trunks and hammerlocking his arm.
Will he slam the young jobber down on his trapped arm? Or maybe drop the kid's throat over the ropes, or his back over a knee? 

The guy in orange takes a running head start. His momentum will provide extra slamming force, punishing his lean, ripped opponent just a little bit more.
From BG East, Patrick Donovan vs. Dick the Prick, Ringwars 4

This young pro is already grimacing in pain.  He knows he's about to have the breath slammed out of his lungs.

This kid is about to pulverize the young lad in the red tights, spiking him neck first onto the hard mat.
The lad returns the favor, ruthlessly sailing the hot shot in pink off the top rope and down onto his spine.


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