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Gallery 44 - 

Standing Crucifix

The guy in white is locked arm in arm, bicep to bicep with his opponent.  He is twisted  backward over the dude's shoulders, his defined abs straining from the intense stretch of the crucifix.

The handsome pretty boy in the floral bikini gets his spine brutally misshapen into a letter "C".  His cute face is contorted by suffering as he reaches out in desperation.

This sexy heel already weakened his victim's backbone with a hangman and a vicious backbreaker. Now the hairy chested brute finishes off the suffering jobber with this spine breaking crucifix.
From BG East, Brooklyn Bodywrecker vs. Yves LaRocque, X-Fights 10

The tan stud who dropped his singlet straps is being tortured by his handsome opponent.  He's crucified in the corner, his legs caught in the ropes, his thighs braced against the turnbuckle pads, while his opponent cranks forward, bending him back.

Ouch, a devastating variation! The man in control locks his victim's feet against his hips and crouches down.  Is he trying to snap the hunk in the blue speedo in two?

Another great variation: a sideways crucifix.  He bends forward and contorts his helpless victim into an unnatural and painful position.

Another side crucifix!  The conquered hunk in the tight green speedo has his arm trapped between his opponent's thighs.  He clenches his fist in agony and frustration.
From BG East, TNT Horrigan vs. Mark Rosano, Bratpack 12

Check out the hot goateed hunk in the red bikini suffering in agony.

The big guy in the tight purple trunks takes his time, preparing his victim for a long, painful submission.
From BG East, Casey Cutler vs. Big Mack, Hunkbash 4

An interesting view! The defined washboard abs of the dude in blue are flexed and glistening under the bright lights.

Ouch! This young pro really knows how to hurt a guy! He's got the beaten kid tangled up, twisted, and broken down over his shoulders and back.

That's cocky Mikey Vee, scowling in agony as he succumbs to a painful crucifix.  Mikey looks like an anatomy chart!  Each sliced, carved muscle is clearly defined.
The Arrogant One isn't shooting his mouth off now.  Instead, he's screaming a submission and begging for mercy from the dude in the white speedo.


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