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Gallery 43 - 

Scissors Crucifix

This long-haired stud hugs one of his victim's arms, grips the other arm with his  thighs, then rolls the trapped opponent into the crucifix.  He sadistically tortures the helpless hunk's face.
From Can-Am, Jungle Stud vs. Dennis Riker, Young Muscle Studs #2

Here's the rock hard man in green who was crushed in scissors last week. Now his cruel opponent crucifies his arms and claws mercilessly at his unprotected face and groin.
From BG East, Kurt Eriksen vs. Shane McCall, Matmen 14

A fit dude in a skimpy bikini is forced to roll onto his shoulders, pinned down against his will, his hot body on display.

Wow, check out these buff studs! So much beef bulging everywhere!  Those tights look ready to burst at the seams, unable to contain the surging muscles inside.
From Can-Am, Brian Maxon vs. Billy Marcus, Maxon vs. Marcus

Oil glistens on the ripped bodies of these two sexy hunks. The guy applying the hold looks cocky and relaxed as he patiently holds his opponent in a helpless position.

Here is an intense power struggle. The kid applying the crucifix has a violent expression on his face, tearing the guy in white limb from limb. 

This ruthless guy rolls on top his screaming victim's upper arms, trying to use his body weight to twist the victim's shoulders out of the socket.
From BG East, Dark Rogers vs. Justin Fiori, Private Bouts 113-116

A work of art: two handsome hunks gently grappling on the grass.  The stud in charge applies the hold loosely and painlessly to his victim, who is in ecstasy.

An awesome pic of wrestling beefcake Johnny Lightning being destroyed by his handsome opponent's crucifix.  Lightning looks so great suffering in that hot pink bikini!
From Can-Am, Johnny Lightning vs. Cliff Conlin, Canadian Muscle-Hunk Wrestling #1

The man in red uses his strong legs to bridge, rising up on the toes of his Asics to lessen the agony of the hold.

Here's a dude using this hold to master and tame three separate opponents. First he's in pro boots, then Asics, then barefoot. 

He must really get off on this position of dominance. He must like to trap his victims with those strong arms and legs, feeling them struggle helplessly as he cranks on the pressure.

As if the crucifix isn't devastating enough, this sadistic dude palms the suffering victim's forehead and twists his neck painfully backward.
From BG East, Jeff Kenney vs. Todd Brophy, Matmen 7

The muscular legs and shredded washboard abs of this gorgeous victim are on display for our enjoyment.  He looks like a real powerhouse, but he's too weak to break free from the devastating single leg crucifix.
From Can-Am, Maverick vs. Chris Duran, Young Musclestud Wrestling #3

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