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Gallery 42 - 

Side Scissors Nelson

Great abs on the shredded dude in green.  How long can his rock hard stomach withstand the crushing thighs of the other wrestler?
From BG East, Kurt Eriksen vs. Shane McCall, Matmen 14

The guy in the striped speedo straightens his legs, totally smashing the boy in blue.  The suffering victim wishes he could breathe.
From BG East, Todd Brophy vs. Dick Dawson, Ringwars 1

The pain and agony is written all over this victim's face.

We saw Brad punish an opponent with a scissors nelson last week.  Now he gets a taste of his own medicine as he is destroyed by the same painful hold.
Without mercy, our hero is stretched to the breaking point, his muscles highlighted by the sun.  At least he can work on his tan while his opponent is trying to slowly tear him in half.
From BG East, Brad Rochelle vs. Sinjin, Backyard Brawls 1

I like this blonde jobber's leopard skin bikini.

Check out their intense expressions: the guy in the wild shorts looks surprised or almost worried to suddenly be in so much pain, while the dude applying the hold just looks pissed off.
From BG East, Flyboy vs. Kalani Kai, Fantasymen 12

I think this victim likes being figure- foured by those strong hairy legs. Or he gets excited by having his head nearly snapped off.
From BG East, Dino Serra vs. Doug Warren, X-Fights 22

What is it about this devastating hold that these victims find so enjoyable?
From BG East, Paul Armstrong vs. Steve Hunter, Brit Bouts 1

"This is payback for hurtin my pecs with those damn claws!  Now it's you're turn to beg for mercy, ya little bitch!"
From BG East, Ron Nichols vs. John Gibson, Ringwars 5

I think the goateed stud in orange is slowly passing out from this wicked stretch.

Now just relax, lay back, and enjoy his groans and weak struggles to escape.
From UIW Submission, Jason vs. J.C., Aggression

This hunk decides to show off his superior strength on the jobber in red. You can almost hear the cute little guy's shrieks of pain.
From BG East, Cruze vs. Christian Fox, Hard Pros 4

The dude in green will be a few inches taller when his opponent is done stretching out his long lean midsection like a rubber band.

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