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Gallery 41 - 

Rear Scissors Nelson

This guy is tangled in a handsome stud's embrace, his arms nelsoned behind him, his lower torso smashed between muscular thighs.
He arches back, desperate to escape, but the stud underneath maintains the painful scissors nelson.

The dude in the white speedo extends his legs to increase the crushing power of his thighs, smashing his handsome foe in a devastating scissor.

Check out the anguish and misery etched on this hunk's face. His ripped abs flex as his muscular body is punished by the unseen opponent below.

Here's a handsome kid getting his hot body stretched to the limit by the wrestler with the flowing blond locks.
The cruel punishment continues. We've already seen the Golden Boy humiliate this kid, flaunting his superior strength.
From BG East, Brad Leonard vs. Jack MacGuire, Fantasymen 19

Nice variation: a nelson with a fig 4 body scissors, the strong calf buried in his gut to really crush the air out.  That's gotta suck!
From BG East, Cody Collier vs. Bryan Walsh, Pros in Private 3

Here's Brad getting revenge for the painful, twistingguillotine that this older dude locked him in.  Brad is now schooling the guy on the true meaning of "pain."
From BG  East, Doug Warren vs. Brad Rochelle, Wrestleshack 3
This kid calmly torments a stud in black briefs with a nice, long-held  scissors nelson.
From BG East, Bass Wallace vs. Justin Fiori, Private Bouts 97-100

Two speedo clad dudes have some fun on a hotel mattress.  Even the victim of this painful hold looks to be enjoying himself.

Wow, fierce intensity shown by this powerful jock! His mighty shoulders and biceps bulge as he throws ALL his amazing strength into stretching out his poor victim.
From BG East, Mikey Vee vs. Alan Shepherd, Matmen 12

All of this victim's impressive muscles bulge as he is stretched backward to the breaking point. His massive chest heaves for air.

This guy smiles as he cranks on the pressure.  The hairy chested victim in blue clenches his fists in pain and frustration, but has no hope of escape. 

Scowling in agony, he claws at his opponent's fingers, trying to break that terrible nelson before his head snaps off.

Muscle-stud Chris Bruce's singlet straps are down so we can see his ripped bod getting stretched and tortured. Some great suffering as he tries to power out.

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