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Gallery 40 - 


With the jackknife, you lock his legs under your arms, his arms under your legs, folding him into a neat little package. You can count the pinfall, or just hold him in this painful position for hours.

This dude makes the jackknife even more humiliating by sliding forward and sitting on the victim's face.

He makes his poor victim suffer in a very tight, very cruel contortion.  I wonder what hurts more: having your head cranked painfully up into your groin, or that deep wedgie.

This grappler kneels back on the victim's arms, trapping them under his hamstrings.  I think the victim passed out from the pain!
From BG East, Sean Patrick vs. Jim MacKay, Wrestle Shack 2

Check out this hunk combining the jackknife with the figure four headlock.  Great combination of two awesome moves!
The victim hangs tough, refusing to submit, so the cruel guy on top viciously attacks the guy's unprotected weak spot. 
From BG East, Dick the Prick vs. Patrick Donovan, Ringwars 4

I'll bet the loser on his back thought any opponent wearing a pink bikini must be a wimp.  Now he learns the hard way how tuff and ruthless this pretty-boy in pink really is.

Here's Brad the Stud locking on a tight jackknife. He presses his hot speedo against the guy's head as he admires his flexed bicep.
Now he interlaces his fingers and throws his head back for added punishment to the dude's neck, back, and legs. Get him, Brad!
From BG East, Brad Rochelle vs. Patrick Donovan, Wrestlefest 2

He's got the guy's head braced tight and bent forward at a sickening angle. He leans down to enjoy the grimace of agony and cries for mercy.  Look at the victim's hamstrings bulging and straining!
From BG East, Robin Carter vs. Jett Larsen, Matmen 14

"How's yer neck feel, wimp?"

"AHH!  Please, I submit!  OW, DAMN!  I GIVE  I GIVE!!"

"Too bad, punk!  Yer not gettin up till ya bite yourself!"

Same guy, different victim.  He hasn't even locked the legs under his arms yet or trapped the head between his thighs, and the jobber in yellow is already suffering and crying.
From BG East, TNT Horrigan vs. Mike West, Bratpack 15


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