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Gallery 39 - 

Single Leg Crab

This cocky goateed heel later pins the Golden Boy with one finger.  Here he tortures the handsome hero's back by sitting down in a single leg crab.  He throws his head back for added punishment to the blonde dude's spine.
From BG East, Brad Leonard vs. Kurt Kurtis, Ringwars 5

Nice speedos on these buff young studs. The hunk in orange kneels with his legs spread wide for extra leverage.
From BG East, Cruze vs. Christian Fox, Hard Pros 4

This suffering jobber reaches back and pitifully grabs his opponent's boot for mercy. Where is the opponent grabbing?

A cruel heel sits down comfortably on the hero in white.  He's taking his time, slowly punishing the beaten good guy, who slaps the mat in pain and frustration.

Wow, he leans back brutally FAR, applying serious torture to his victim's backbone. The victim can almost touch his shoulder blades with his bare foot!

A vicious grappler locks on an extra tight, extra deep crab. I think he's punishing the punk for wearing that wild rainbow speedo.

Check out this stud trying to twist a submission out of his jock-clad opponent.  Look at his muscles bulge and flex as he cranks on the pressure!
The blonde in the jock still won't surrender, so the vicious strongman plants a boot on his neck to keep him down and hurt him more.

This Japanese pro wrestler not only tangles and twists his beefy opponent's leg, he also plants the guy's neck awkwardly into the mat and gives his spine a good twist. I hope the guy knows how to scream "I submit, sir!" in Japanese.

A handsome pro hero clamps on the crab.  His victim suffers beautifully, screaming and groaning in anguish, his face contorted with miserable pain.

Here's a dramatic black and white image: Scott Hall punishes the Z-Man. Hall cheats by grabbing the rope, while Tom Terrific reaches out helplessly, bravely enduring the agony.  "Come on ref, get your eyes off Zenk's handsome face and look up!!"

This stud must think he's bad, wrestling in his leather jacket.  He's got a single leg crab locked on some jobber.  The hairy brute sits his down on his victim's lower back, entangles the leg under the leather sleeve, and applies some spine snapping pressure.
From BG East, Kurt Kurtis vs. Ron Nichols, Ringwars 6


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