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Gallery 38 - 

Leg Nelson

He's got his sexy white boots locked together behind the muscular victim's head, cruelly punishing his neck and shoulders. Great tri's and delts on the suffering victim!

This guy is calm and relaxed, casually entangling his legs around his opponent's arms. Meanwhile the handsome dude in the blue bikini suffers in agony from this painful hold.

Tarzan didn't realize he was so flexible, as his head is forced painfully forward, down toward his leopard skin bikini.
Way to wrestle in hot gear: black asics with tight white speedos!
From BG East, Remy Lasalle vs. Josh Atkins, Brit Bouts 1

Wow, that's gotta hurt! The vicious longhair in powder blue sits on top his crying victim, viciously torturing his shoulders and crushing the guy under his body weight at the same time.

Here's an unfair test of strength: his powerful legs against the opponent's outstretched arms.  Guess who will be screaming in pain...

The pretty bikini boy's arms are tightly restrained by a leg nelson!  He reaches out and struggles, but has no hope of escape.
Great side view: The ruff looking brute, with a scowl and a clenched fist, tortures his hot victim's neck, just for being so damn handsome.

"AHH, I submit!  Come ON!  You're hurtin my shoulders! OW, DAMN!"

"I love it when you beg for mercy! Say 'please sir', or I'll snap your arms off with my legs!"

An interesting and nasty variation: a sideways leg nelson.  If the suffering punk on the mat doesn't give, just make a wish and pull his wrist in.

Another side leg nelson. Judging from the contorted look of anguish on the victim's face, this hold must hurt like hell.
From BG East, Wade Cutler vs. Todd Brophy, X-Fights 14

I hardly know how to describe this variation. The ripped freak in shiny green has some flexible legs, and he knows how to use them to inflict pain on his helpless victim.


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