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Gallery 37 - 


Thanks to all who submitted captions.

Love this pic for the obvious reason that Cliff Conlin is in it. I absolutely love this guy. I am even trying to recruit him into a real pro-wrestling federation - but I hear that he has left the wrestling world behind to pursue a professional career - whatever that means. You wouldn't happen to have any more photos of him? 

Pulling the jobber up and in close and squeezing out the air out of the jobber, jobber struggling and suffering, face contorted in agony, finally crushed to the point where resistance is futile and the jobber can only slump across the Heel's shoulder like a ragdoll.

"Ok, ok,  oww, Yeah, yeah,  you're right, you are stronger than me now let go, Pete.  Owww, no more, no more please. My rib, my ribs. You're hurting me!"
This pretty boy is smiling in this tight bear hug!
From BG East, Troy Milan vs. Corey Young, Fantasymen 18

He is squeezing his victim so hard his butt is popping out! Yum!

The Heel in white is grinning from ear to ear as he crushes his jobber hard, while the jobber rears back in pain.
From BG East, Chris Bruce vs. The Lineman, Matmen 12

The caption says it all. Brunzell is suffering and screaming in pain as Demolition hoists him high in the air, wrapping arms as big as tree branches around Brunzell.
Pretty Boy Shawn suffers mightily.  Demolition wears the studded leather harness so the bearhugs hurt worse on the victim's chest.

"Now tell me again Jerry;  don't I really have perfect teeth.? Sorry, I think I cracked another rib.  Finally, are my teeth  perfect or not? Better tell me, or I'll snap another rib."

The Heel in yellow has already crushed his victim into submission, yet he continues to pour on the pressure, enjoying his total control.

Black singlets rule as the ruggedly handsome heel has quickly distorted a friendly front waist lock and lifted his surprised opponent up into a crushing bearhug deep in those thick arms. The gd lkg rookie in powder blue tights can only wince as he is pulled in close under control and forced to take the punishment.
From BG East, Shane Michaels vs. Dakota, Private Bouts 8 - 11

The boy in black tries to smash his way out of the Heel's bearhug, but the Heel only has to cinch the hold in tighter to remind the boy who's in control.
Hammering the back of the stud in yellow speedo or clawing him, nothing seems to work. The poor dude in black is finished.
From BG East, Johnny Modesto vs. Joe Mazetti, Fantasymen 17

A favorite image. All-american jobber Wade Cutler grimaces in pain as
swarthy Steve wraps his arms right below Wade's ribcage, and pours on the pressure.
From BG East, Wade Cutler vs. Steve Sherman, Hard Pros 3

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