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Gallery 36 - 

Schoolboy Pin

He traps his opponent's hands and pins them to the mat.
From BG East, Zack Coleman vs. Brian Barnes, Fantasymen 17

Wrestling stud Brad Rochelle is on top with one leg kicked out for added leverage.
From BG East, Brad Rochelle vs. Johnny Modesto, Matmen 16

This dude arches his hips up, either to break free or to press harder against the other guy's tight blue speedo.
I think the guy in the white bikini is out, so the other guy gets in his face.
From BG East, Sal Bruno vs. Ken Canada, Demolition 2

These hunks are having some fun in the sun.  The hot blonde casually dominates the other hunk, who doesn't seem to mind being sat on.

More domination by the heel in white who stood on his opponent then laid a boot on his face.  Here he sits on the cute loser's abs and punishes his shoulder with a nerve pinch.
From BG East, Brigham Bell vs. Patrick Donovan, Hunkbash 5

I like how the cocky dude in striped speedos lays his hand on the loser's hair, petting him like a dog.  He is showing his boy who the true stud is. 
From BG East, Todd Brophy vs. Dick Dawson, Ringwars 1

The skinny kid in blue closely watches his opponent grimace in pain. He knows he is hurting the cute hunk in yellow trunks and he is enjoying it.
From BG East, Johann Veeda vs. Noel Belasco, Wrestle Shack 1

This cruel dude covers his victim's mouth to shut him up while he slowly tortures the defenseless man.
From BG East, Black Cat Tony vs. Ty Garrison, Brit Bouts 2

A powerful stud kneels on his helpless victim's arms, pinning him down.  Looks like he'd be more than happy to sit on the loser's chest all day long, slapping him around and messing with his chest.
From BG East, Clayton Nash vs. Ross Davidson, Frisco Fights 2

The dude in white arches up, which only makes the guy in yellow slide forward onto his face.
From BG East, Dick the Prick vs. Jeff Jordan, Wrestle Shack 1

Wow, this skinhead guy stares intensely into his victim's eyes. The loser drops his arms to the mat in a sweet display of surrender.

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