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Gallery 35 - 

Cover Pin

A guy in black speedos wraps his legs around the other guy's and covers him with his body.
He just lays on top of the guy, pinning him chest to chest, belly to belly, speedo to speedo.

This guy rassles his buddy in the blue tights down to the mat and covers him for the pin.

Is this blonde dude asleep on top of his pinned opponent?  Or are they just enjoying the body- on- body contact??

Here are a pair of buff athletes in the heat of battle.  Their hard bodies are locked together in an intense struggle.

This is actually a smother pin. The oiled stud on top slides forward and presses his weight down on the loser's face!

Here's Evan jobbing to Lenny Lane. Lenny looks pretty confident, not pressing down Evan's shoulders.

Both wrestlers look knocked out. The muscular winner lays his head on his pinned victim's chest like a lover.

The guy in blue traps his victim's arms, tangles a leg between his thighs, and pins him down chest to chest. The dude in gold isn't trying too hard to break free.
From BG East, Bill Potter vs. Dick "the Prick" Dawson, X-Fights 21

Hot pic! This wrestling stud has conquered the dude in brown trunks.  He places a leg and hand possessively on the loser's body and grabs a fistful of hair.
From BG East, Shane McCall vs. Todd Brophy, Matmen 9

An intense expression on the face of the kid in baby blue.  Look at those powerful hamstring muscles, straining and flexing.
From BG East, Johann Veeda vs. Noel Belasco, Wrestleshack 1

Wow.  Why is this pic so great? Is it their hot pro gear? Their buff tan bodies? Their intimate position? 
From BG East, Steve Sherman vs. Terry Reed, Hard Pros 2

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