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Gallery 34 - 

Standing Pin

The muscleman in the thong is out cold. He was worked over by the villain in tights, who arrogantly pins the helpless stud by standing with one black boot on his chest.
From BG East, Psycho Capone vs. Johnny Modesto, Hunkbash 5

This oiled-up hunk insults his beaten opponent by resting his bare foot on the victim's face.  A nasty show of domination.

This guy lays flat on his back like a whipped dog, letting his buddy in the white briefs stand over him, pinning him with a bare foot on his gut.
A vicious heel tries to wake up his unconscious victim so he can dish out more punishment. He stands with one boot pressed in the  kid's abs and slaps him to get his attention.
From BG East, Scott DePaulo vs. Jim McKay, Dark Knights 4

A cocky show-off covers his unconcious victim with one finger and counts the pinfall.  Someone needs to teach the heel in pink some manners.
From BG East, Brad Leonard vs. Kurt Kurtis, Ringwars 5

He stands right on the pinned guy's chest, viciously crushing the dude with all his weight!

This kid may be wearing white, but he is no hero.  He casually leans on the ropes while his victim is gasping for breath, restrained on the mat by the boots on his ribcage.
The jobber in baby blue is asleep, totally at the cruel kid's mercy.  The bad boy  pins his victim with one white boot in his face.
From BG East, Brigham Bell vs. Patrick Donovan, Hunkbash 5

Here's a cute pro rookie flat on his back and out cold. The winner rests a foot on the kid's gut in a classic pose of domination.
From BG East, Kid Vicious vs Cody Collier, Submissions 3

Another handsome jobber flat on his back, pinned to the mat by his opponent's black leather boot.

The Ultimate Warrior raises his massive arms in a victory celebration.  He stands over his opponent, one foot on the loser's chest, while the ref counts the pinfall.

Check out the bulging bicep on this masked pro wrestler!  Using the ropes for leverage, he brutally presses his boot into some suffering jobber's throat.


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