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Gallery 33 - 

Flex Pin

This stud leaves no doubt that he is the victor as he flashes a killer double bicep pose. Brutally handsome with a buff tan body and skimpy thong, he sits on his helpless victim in total control.
From BG East, Terry Reed vs. Trevor Steele, Demolition 1

A lean hunk presses one knee into his defeated opponent's chest.  A hot display of domination by the flexing stud in white!
From BG East, Brad Rochelle vs. Johnny Modesto, Matmen 16

This cocky young pro kneels over his pinned victim and takes the time to admire his hard round bicep.
From CyberFights

Here's a classic pose: the winner proudly displaying both biceps, one foot on his destroyed opponent.  Impressive ripped up physique on the buff hunk in pink!

Another classic victory pose. The handsome dude in the colorful speedo plants his black boot on the beaten man's chest and shows off his mighty arm.
From BG East, Brad Leonard vs. Big Bob Brady, Fantasymen 20

This cruel guy is teasing and trash-talking his pinned victim: "Look at that bicep bulge, loser! That's a real man's arm."
From BG East, Dane Tarsen vs. Leo Lessard, Brit Bouts 2

Whoa, how would you like to tangle with this fierce looking, hairy brute?!?  He kneels on his prey and flexes those amazing pythons. A hot pair of macho studs in tights.

The cocky heel in yellow raises his opponent's head, arrogantly forcing the loser to watch as he flexes his bicep.
Watching isn't enough for the beaten man: he reaches up to feel those rock hard muscles.  The stud in yellow obliges with more flexing and posing.
From BG East, Ryan Laramie vs. Danny Morris, Hunkbash 6

The built Golden Boy with the flowing mane continues sitting on his victim's legs and face.  He celebrates his triumph by displaying his softball-sized bicep.
From BG East, Brad Leonard vs. Jack MacGuire, Fantasymen 19

This cocky punk taunts his trapped victim by flexing his skinny arms, lording his victory over the stronger man.
From BG East, Kid Vicious vs. Jim Wallis, Bootboy Brawl

We've seen him use a Camel, Facepin, Figure 4, and Scissor Sleeper on the wimp in silver shorts.  Now he lifts the excited jobber's head, making him watch while he flexes his skinny arm in a show of domination.
From BG East, Brigham Bell vs. Dino Serra, Wrestleshack 1

Hot muscle pose by this shredded hunk, standing like Superman over his beaten enemy.  He puts one foot on the kneeling man's shoulders in a cocky display of supremacy.

(This isn't really a "pin". I can delete it if you feel it doesn't belong in this gallery.)

From BG East, Brad Rochelle vs. Josh Goodman, Fantasymen 19

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