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Gallery 32 - 



This hunk takes a seat on the back of his opponent's legs, painfully stretching the hamstrings, driving the pinned guy's knees down around his ears.
The dude in blue continues to sit on his beaten opponent's chest.  He already humiliated the punk with one-handed and two-handed head lifts.
From BG East, Doug Warren vs. Luis Comacho, Matmen 11
Here's a nice tight rollup pin, with the loser's ankles trapped between the pinner's neck and shoulders.
From BG East, Chris Bruce vs. Jim Geronimo, Matmen 11
The guy in the gold singlet gets revenge for being facepinned earlier by the guy in white.
From the seated rollup, he lays forward and degrades the loser with a two-handed headlift facepin.
A hot Golden Boy with flowing locks sits firmly on his victim's legs and face. He's taunting the trapped victim, who is folded and bent into an uncomfortable position. 
From BG East, Brad Leonard vs. Jack MacGuire, Fantasymen 19
Here's a lean stud toying with his destroyed opponent.  He casually squashes the victim by sitting on his legs and face. Nice speedo!
He slides forward to really stretch his victim's hamstrings, and to put that skimpy black speedo right in the punk's face.  Hot!
From BG East, Dark Rogers vs. Doug Warren, Private Bout 78
They threw some canvas down on the living room rug and are having a little rasslin match. 
This ruthless dude gives his rolled up victim a cruel wedgie, then spanks the pinned loser for added humiliation.  Ouch!


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