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Gallery 31 - 



Look at this kid suffer! In the reverse rollup, use the strength of your legs to fold him up tight.  Lock his head in your crotch and bend his neck brutally forward.  Grab his wrists and pull for extra punishment!
From BG East, Mark Horrigan vs. Fy Chu, Bratpack 11
Wow, this one is a work of art. The helpless man in white is rolled, split, and tied up to perfection.
From BG East, Kid Leopard vs. Dick "The Prick" Dawson, Submissions 4
He prepares his victim for the painful finish by rolling him up like a sleeping bag and grabbing for his arms. 
He reclines on the mat, pulling on the victim's wrists.  His lean body  flexes as he applies grueling pressure.
This stud admires his awesome rollup in the mirror.  Nice Asics!
This dude sits on top his victim's legs and clenches his wrists for leverage.  Interesting variation of the reverse rollup.
From BG East, Mikey Vee vs. Blake West, Fantasymen 11
That's GOTTA hurt!  The poor kid in red must have really pissed off his cruel opponent, because he is being bent, split, and head-cranked to the limit.
From BG East, TNT Horrigan vs. Jeff Kenney, Bratpack 11
The guy in yellow rolls up his opponent and locks his arms under the dude's thighs.
Same wrestlers? Now its the dude in blue's turn to apply a reverse rollup on the guy in too-tight yellow trunks.  He leans in for a closer view.
Bad news for the punk in blue: this built stud has him rolled up tight and can maintain this hold all night long. 
From BG East, Sid O'Reilly vs. Brad Rochelle, Bratpack 17
Same stud, different victim. He must like using those strong legs to roll up his prey and make them suffer.
From BG East, Brad Rochelle vs. Dante Rosetti, Hunkbash 5
This grappler looks down at the head trapped between his thighs, watching the handsome kid in agony in the rollup.


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