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Gallery 30 - 



Combine the powerful control of a forward rollup with the humiliation of a facepin to both defeat and degrade your opponent at the same time.
This cruel dude sits flat on the other guy's face.  The poor victim is being smothered under that tight black speedo!
Here's a great series of shots from the wrestle shack.  We see the tough young hunk in baby blue rolling up his defeated opponent, then spreading the victim's legs painfully wide apart. Total domination of the helpless pretty-boy! 

In the last shot, the lean and mean blonde wrestler arches forward to put more pressure on the split legs of the suffering kid beneath him.

From BG East, Johann Veeda vs. Noel Belasco, Wrestleshack 1
This guy gets right in his victim's face, letting the punk know up close and personal who the man is.
Another guy puts it right in his victim's face. The beaten stud in the skin-tight white speedo can't muster the strength to crush his foe with those powerful thighs.
This poor loser is rolled up, face-pinned, and scissored all at once!  On top of all that, he suffers the pain and shame of a deep wedgie!!  That is just too vicious.
The destroyed man is rolled up tight and split wide.  You can see he is struggling, but he is powerless to get that blue thong out of his face.
For added leverage, he lays his head on the mat, which also gives him an insider view of his beaten victim's face.
The pinner in the yellow thong has a strange look on his face.  I wonder why???
He extends his right leg for leverage and smiles down at the man he has beaten. "What are you gonna do, pretty boy?  Looks like I own you!"
This musclehunk was humiliated with a facepin by his tatooed opponent in purple.  Now he laughs as he returns the favor.
From BG East, Rod Duart vs. Danny Wiseman, X-Fights 21
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