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Gallery 29 - 



Here's a young pro baby face with his opponent neatly folded up and pinned.
This dude uses his body weight to bear down on his opponent, bending and spreading the victim's legs while pressing his neck and shoulders hard into the mat.
He laughs at his victim's helpless condition.  He pulls back on the arms and uses his legs to keep the loser's shoulders firmly pinned down.
A close-up of the victim's tangled and pinned body.  He is helpless and in pain while his opponent laughs at him.
Oh no, turnabout!  Now the wrestler in blue is rolled up and pinned, his arms trapped behind him.  I'll bet he's not laughing now!
Nice variation by this young wrestler.  He cradles the far leg for leverage. The trapped victim scowls in agony.
From BG East, TNT Horrigan vs. Mark Rosano, Bratpack 12
This classic pro image shows a brawler securely rolled and pinned.  His opponent kneels hard on his shoulder to keep it planted on the canvas.
Here's a great vintage pic of a flashy way to finish off the competition: fold him up, grapevine both legs, then bridge backwards to keep him locked down.
A young lad tightly rolls up his opponent, lays his shoulders on the victim's knees, and bridges backward, a unique but effective maneuver.
From BG East, Danny Collins vs. Steve Noble, Lads of the Ring
Another great bridge pin, this time by a tan, ripped hunk. Count the pinfall on the jobber in white!
From BG East, Jean Francois vs. Paul Doulos, Ringwars 1
I like how this young stud arches his body and stands on his toes for added leverage, showing off his lean, hard body while also winning the match.
The dude in the yellow bikini uses his strong legs to roll up his victim.  He tightly scissors the guy in white while also pinning him helplessly on his back.
Another creative stud also uses his strong legs to roll up his boy and get the pin, this time with a reverse body scissor.
From BG East, Cruze vs. Mike Columbo, Hunkbash 3
He rolls his opponent in blue forward, sliding his legs over the victim's shoulders.  What does he have in store for his helpless victim?
He traps the victim's ankles and grips his wrists, shutting down any hope of escape.  The pinned wrestler is tangled and trapped.
From BG East, Mikey Vee vs. Jeff Phoenix, Hunkbash 5
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