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Gallery 28 - 

Reverse Facepin

Pin the opponent facing his body to reach his unprotected chest, abs, and groin.  He won't even see your attacks coming.
The bearded hunk from a couple weeks ago continues to facepin his helpless victim.  He now viciously claws the abs and crotch.
Damn! This pro wrestler uses his body weight to fold his victim back like a newspaper.  That's GOTTA hurt!
Another classic pro image, this time a jackknife facepin.  Those were the days!
The dude in the blue speedo stretches his victim's legs apart. He stares at the bulge.  Is he considering some torture to that unprotected crotch zone?
I think this victim is out cold. He lays flat on his back while the winner slowly mounts his face.
These victims try to break out of their embarrassing positions by scissoring the heads of the dudes on top.
I guess this is called a body-scissor  jackknife facepin.  Three painful holds at once, an impressive maneuver by the hunk on top.
From BG East, Sean Patrick vs. Doug Warren, Undagear #2
This arrogant muscleman, who dogged his victim with a facepin a couple weeks ago, continues to demean the wimp in purple by casually sitting on his face and now spanking him. Damn I'd love to see some pay backs on that cocky SOB.
From BG East, Brian Baxter vs. Tim Anderson, Private Bout 16
Tarzan still can't escape from the humiliating facepin punishment by the dude in the skimpy bikini.  Has the jungle hero met his match?
Wow, awesome powerful physique on the stud in the red shorts!  Looks like he got bored just sitting there on his opponent's face, so he found a way to amuse himself.
From BG East, Dane Tarsen vs. Leo Lessard, Brit Bouts 2

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