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Gallery 27 - 

Headlift Facepin

To really degrade your beaten opponent, to make it painfully obvious who the victor is, grab his hair and yank his head up, forcing his face tightly into your groin.
This guy's got the spirit.  He grins as he laces his fingers behind the opponent's head and wrenches the punk's face forward.
The destroyed guy lies flat on his back, unable or unwilling to mount any offense against the cocky kid on top. Let the verbal abuse begin!
From BG East, Brigham Bell vs. Dino Serra, Wrestleshack 1
Here's a dominating muscleman with two tight fistfuls of hair, teaching his victim to accept a shameful defeat.
We saw these hunks taking turns forward facepinning each other. Now the wild speedo man raises the stakes, showing his boy what spandex tastes like.
They trade places again. It's the bikini stud's chance to dominate and humiliate.  The helpless victim reaches for that hairy chest.
Their positions were also reversed two weeks ago.  Now the long haired jobber is just laying there, letting that blonde pretty-boy put his junk in his face.
From BG East, Chip Grant vs. Doug Parker, X-Fights 18
This guy is showing a Tarzan wanna-be who the real King of the Jungle is.  Tarzan tries desperately to bridge out, but the savage hero is trapped.
This stud uses both hands to give his opponent an extreme close-up of his hot gray briefs. The pinned loser claws desperately at his chest.
From BG East, Sean Patrick vs. Michael Wood, Sexy Showdown 2
He lays the smack down on some candy ass.  He folds him up, then curls his head forward with both hands, introducing his face to crotch country.
Now the jobber looks almost out. Is he being smothered by the tight facepin?  He is finished, but the demeaning facepin continues. 
Wow, awesome move!  He crosses his legs, tightly entangling the opponent's arms.  Now he can do anything he wants to his defenseless victim.
From BG East, Sean Patrick vs. Bud Orton, Sexy Showdown 4


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