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Gallery 26 - 

Kneeling Facepin

The kneeling facepin is just as humiliating as a regular facepin, but a lot more devastating. The pinner can kneel on the victim's arms, sit down on his throat, and thigh-scissor his head for added torture.
The stud in yellow is totally helpless, his arms trapped under the strong legs of the hardbody in the blue bikini. Awesome physiques, skimpy gear, and a hot hold, you gotta love it!
A sweet close-up of a beaten dude laying under his opponent, at the mercy of the guy kneeling on top of him.
Meanwhile, in the oil pit, a ripped stud clamps his strong thighs on his pinned opponent, crushing the guy's head between his legs.
From Can-Am, Johnny Lightning vs. Jimmy Royce, Canadian Musclehunk Oil Wrestling #6
This shredded tuff guy dominates and degrades his victim, positioning his tight speedo right over the guy's mouth.
He's spreading his legs wide apart to press more weight down on the victim's neck.  Looks like he's choking the guy with his crotch!
Ouch!  This evil dude reaches back to punish his opponent with a vicious groin claw. 
The wrestler in gray shorts struggles wildly to avoid the shame of a facepin by the guy in just a thong.
Wow, this powerful grappler smothers his boy with a tight facepin.  The victim reaches up to feel the muscular pecs of the superstud who is so easily controlling him.
The Greek God drops his singlet straps to expose his chiseled midsection. The victim can't resist feeling those rock hard abs.
From BG East, Bud Orton vs. Keith Sullivan, Ultrafight 4
Great physique on the he-man on top.  His destroyed opponent raises both hands to show his submission and beg for mercy from the tuff man.
Here's some stiff competition!  The cocky brute sits hard on his victim's face. What a prick!
From BG East, Chip Slater vs. Dane Tarsen, Wrestleshack 3
Besides the facepin, this ruthless guy has a tight figure four headscissor clamped around the loser's neck.  He watches his suffering opponent struggle for air.

A heartless bastard humiliates his opponent by sitting right on his face, casually smothering him. Damn, I'd love to see the victim break out and give that arrogant looking punk a taste of his own medicine.
From BG East, Brian Baxter vs. Tim Anderson, Private Bout 16

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