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Gallery 25 - 

Forward Facepin

What better way to convince your opponent that you've totally beaten and demolished him than to pin him down and plant your crotch in his face?
Wow, this is hot: the guy in the skin tight speedo lays down on the mat to smother his adversary!  Total domination!
Another wrestler has trouble breathing as his opponent ruthlessly smothers him with a lay-down facepin.
From BG East, Paul Armstrong vs. Steve Hunter, Brit Bouts 1
This grappler is scissoring the guy in matching blue trunks, adding injury to insult with this painful variation of the facepin.
From BG East, Sean Patrick vs. Dick the Prick, X-Fights 22
A hunk in a rainbow speedo casually mocks and humiliates his beaten opponent by laying on his face for a while.  The jobber in silver offers no resistance.
From BG East, Shane McCall vs. Steve Corelli, Wrestlefest 2
Here a blonde stud tries to arch out of this embarassing position, struggling to stop his more powerful opponent from degrading him with the facepin.
It's no use, his efforts are wasted.  The stronger man easily overpowers the blonde pretty-boy, trapping his arms on the mat and facepinning him at will.


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