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Gallery 24 - 


The Spladle - or "Split Cradle" - is a devastating hold: brace his head on your midsection, tangle up both his legs, then pull his lower body toward his chin until he either submits or his spine snaps. 
This amateur wrestler bends his suffering opponent into a sickening unnatural shape.  He calmly waits for the ref to realize that the other kid is finished.
Another amateur wrestler destroys his opponent with a vicious spladle. I think I saw a cartoon once where the coyote ended up in this position. These guys have no mercy on each other at all!
The stud in green toys with his poor victim, bending and twisting the guy into various painful positions.
They dropped their singlet straps and got down to business.  The dude in red struggles as the hairy brute rolls him into a spladle. 
The victim can't decide what hurts worse: having his groin split wide apart, his neck forced painfully forward, or his body folded in half like a newspaper.
From BG East, Bud Orton vs. Keith Sullivan, Ultrafight 4
I like how this guy scissors the far leg, locking his red boots together at the ankles.
This dude failed to trap his victim's head, so it isn't a perfect spladle.  That's ok, check out his super tight white speedo.
Ouch! The guy in yellow can almost kiss his own ass goodbye, as his heartless opponent bends his body to the breaking point.
Their arms and legs are tied in a tight knot. You can barely tell whose limbs are whose!
From BG East, Jeff Kenney vs. Todd Brophy , Matmen 7
This victim seems to be smiling.  He must enjoy having his spine tortured and twisted into new shapes.
From BG East, Wade Cutler vs. Todd Brophy, X-Fights 14
The kid in red rolls on his back, using gravity to help warp his opponent's backbone.
From BG East, Sean Patrick vs. Bud Orton, Sexy Showdown 4


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